Governance Talk with Tanja Kewes

Media as a driver for good governance?

Media as a driver for good governance?

The media has always been considered a control authority in various contexts. In view of corporate mismanagement or scandals, however, they regularly play a major role in the public eye when it comes to naming corporate governance deficits.

At the same time, supervisory boards are increasingly the focus of public attention, as the increasing complexity of board tasks means that their work also requires more explanation, and supervisory board chairpersons in particular are in regular contact with journalists.

We discussed these different meanings of journalists and the media for corporate governance with Ms. Tanja Kewes. 

Ms. Kewes has been working for the Handelsblatt since 2004 and is currently chief reporter there. For many years, she has been dealing with a wide range of questions on corporate governance in private and public companies. In doing so, she is in constant exchange with numerous executive and supervisory boards of many different companies.

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