Private companies

Evaluation of supervisory boards and advisory boards of private or family businesses

Evaluation and self-assessment of supervisory bodies of private or family businesses

Advisory and supervisory boards in SMEs - good corporate governance generates more value

Regardless of whether a company is listed on the stock exchange, professional committee work is an essential component of successful corporate governance. This applies to the work of an advisory board in a family business as well as to the work of a (compulsory) supervisory board in a limited liability company with equal co-determination.

However, the requirements for the committees in private companies differ in some cases very significantly from those of listed companies. As a rule, medium-sized family businesses have fewer formal corporate governance mechanisms than large listed companies and rather take on the role of sparring partners and conflict resolvers. The prerequisite for this is that the board also has appropriate expertise in corporate governance.

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ECBE solution for medium-sized and family-owned companies

The ECBE approach to the evaluation of supervisory boards and advisory boards in medium-sized companies takes these particularities into account by deriving the necessary contents of the board evaluation from the structure and legal environment of a private company. In order to be able to sufficiently address the company-specific context and thus company-specific requirements, please feel free to contact your contact person Ms Daniela Mattheus for a more intensive exchange.

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