Governance Talk with Dr. Werner Brandt

Are the discussions about board remuneration worthwhile?

The remuneration of board members has been the focus of public discussions for years. And of course, dealing with remuneration systems is an essential part of supervisory board work. Due to the ARUG II, this supervisory board task takes on even greater significance or publicity, as with the 2022 annual general meeting season, a remuneration report to be published must be approved by the shareholders. The main objective of the remuneration report is to describe the basic logic of the remuneration system as well as all design elements of the remuneration system and thus to create the conditions for a fact-based evaluation of the remuneration systems. Today, host Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff discusses the importance of remuneration systems for supervisory board work with Dr. Werner Brandt. Dr. Brandt is currently chairman of the supervisory boards of RWE AG and ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and chairman of the audit committee of Siemens AG. He is also a member of the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code and the Working Group on Guidelines for Sustainable Executive Board Remuneration.