Actively shaping instead of just controlling - How supervisory boards need to change

Results of the BCG supervisory board survey in cooperation with ECBE Co-Founder Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff

The dynamic change in the economy, driven primarily by the digital transformation, poses new challenges for supervisory boards. In the largest survey to date in Germany and Austria, we interviewed 120 supervisory board members of large corporations The signs are pointing to change: almost all of the supervisory board members surveyed (80 percent) expect serious upheavals in the market of their companies. One in four even expects considerable changes in the short term. This dynamic development also has an impact on supervisory board work: Strategic activities are increasingly strategic activities are increasingly coming to the fore, whereas the focus has so far been activities. In order to be able to perform these tasks, new competences are required in the board. However, since the workload for supervisory boards is already high today, there is a need to organise supervisory board work more effectively overall in order to be able to meet the new challenges.